Oro Valley Aquatic Center

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Oro Valley Aquatic Center
We FINALLY made it over to the new Oro Valley Aquatic Center recently. I thought I share our experience and a few thoughts I had about the facility.

1. The water slide is 130 feet long. Oro Valley Aquatic Center Slide.jpg The water slide is the perfect kind for Quinn because it ends in a little trough of water instead of the deep end of a pool. He usually won’t attempt slides when he’s worried about the water being too deep. You must be 48″ tall to use the water slide. They measure the kids at the entrance and anyone tall enough for the slide is given a wrist band to wear. The slide wasn’t open when we were there so I can’t report on the fun factor.

2. The splash pad is shaded! Oro Valley Aquatic Center Splash Pad Sprinklers.jpg I’ve seen plenty of splash pads without shade, so I loved seeing that the entire splash pad area was well covered.

3. Shade is limited everywhere else though. Oro Valley Aquatic Center Kids Pool.jpg There is a small row of chairs on the south end of the kids pool that has a little shade, (you can see it above in my picture). And there is another shade canopy near the splash pad where families can claim a spot. We had no trouble grabbing spots on our visit but it wasn’t very crowded. I think it would have been a different situation later in the day or on the weekend. Hopefully there are plans to add more shade canopies.

4. There’s a separate kids pool. Oro Valley Aquatic Center.jpg In addition to the 50-meter competition pool, there’s a 25-yard recreation pool. The recreation pool wasn’t crowded when we were there. The boys had a blast swimming with their aunt and uncle. I’ve heard that part of this pool is reserved for swim lessons on some days, leaving recreational users with limited pool space. Just something to keep in mind.

5. Admission is pricey. Oro Valley Aquatic Center Snack Bar.jpgStandard admission rates are $5 for kids (4-17) and $7 for adults which I think is pricey for a splash pad (our main purpose in going). However, I didn’t swim so I only paid admission for the boys. A typical water park charges admission for everyone. There are discounts for Oro Valley residents and if you plan to visit often you can save money purchasing a monthly or seasonal pass. The best bet for occasional users would be the punch cards. It works out to only $3 a visit for kids, multiple people can share a punch card and the cards never expire so we could use them next year too.

Another way to save money is to bring your own snacks. There is a snack bar available but most moms (including THIS one) brought our own snacks. Remember swimming works up a big appetite!

Oro Valley Aquatic Center Life Vests.jpg

Have you been to the Oro Valley Aquatic Center?

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