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This is a post about our Thomas the Train customer service experience was originally published in January 31, 2010. Even though the experience is almost 10 years old, I find many people still searching for information about Learning Curve Toys customer service.

Defective Thomas the Train

I wanted to share my recent experience with Learning Curve (which makes the Thomas Train stuff) regarding a warranty issue. Quinn has had a few Thomas trains for awhile now, but just recently received a train table for Christmas along with some additional Thomas trains. While in San Diego, Quinn received a 5-pack of Thomas trains from one of my best friends which included a Henrietta train. I noticed within a just a few days, a big chunk of the wooden top was “shaved” off. I am guessing some sort of defect in the wood caused it because Quinn is only 2 and doesn’t play rough with his toys, not that I would expect it to break even if he did. Luckily I recalled hearing that Thomas Train stuff had a decent warranty/customer service policy, so I emailed them when we returned home from our trip. I received a response a few days later asking that I call them.

Thomas the Train Customer Service

So I call Learning Curve Toys customer service and give them my reference email number with some additional details. In the end, because Henrietta is only available now in the 5-pack, they sent us another 5-pack set as a replacement. So Quinn now has duplicates of the other 4 trains. I thought this was crazy wild, I mean I guess time is money and its not worth their time to open up a set and just send one train. It worked out well for us I guess, now Quinn has more trains to play with and doesn’t care that some are duplicates…


And then they asked what additional train would he like as a gesture of their awesome customer service. I was flabbergasted. I had only hoped they would replace the one defective train but I certainly didn’t expect a whole replacement set, plus another bonus train. We had just started collecting Thomas trains so I didn’t know what train to even ask for. Luckily inspiration hit me quickly, Quinn LOVES fire trucks right now and is super big into Fireman Sam. So I asked if there was a Thomas trains had some sort of fire truck. They came through!

Awesome Learning Curve Toys Customer Service

Wow talk about awesome customer service! Like I said I have heard great things in the past about the Thomas Trains customer service, in addition to the fact that they can easily last 10 kids. And can get passed down among siblings, cousins and friends. We don’t have anyone older than Quinn that can pass along to him, but its nice to know that we will be able to keep and play with these toys for a long time and both Quinn and his brother will be able to enjoy them

Oh returning the defective train was super easy, I just popped it in an envelope and left it on the doorstep. UPS picked it up, and took care of the return label.

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1 comment on “Learning Curve Toys Customer Service

  1. Kim L White

    We have had a Thomas the Train set for 14 years. It has gone through 6 grandchildren where Thomas has been loved and abuse at the same time. He has ran and ran and ran with only needing new batteries. We would like to comment on your company for making a toy that is both fun and functional at the same time. Thomas has ran all over our house, running into things and being stuck under things but never fails to go. Both our granddaughters and grandsons have given him lots of love and hopefully will continue to do so. Thanks again for making Thomas a part of our family for 14 years.

    Kim White


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