Bread Store Locations in Tucson

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One easy way to save some money on your grocery bill in Tucson is by shopping at local Tucson bread stores.

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Shopping at Tucson Bread Stores

I try to buy most of our bread at my local bread store. The prices are at least 50% off the regular grocery store prices and often closer to 75% off. I am so spoiled by the bread store pricing that paying regular grocery store bread prices hurts! 😉

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I purchased all of this for $8.65, 6 items for what two items usually cost at regular grocery store prices.

Why I shop at a Bakery Outlet Tucson

My store offers a free item when you spend $7+ and senior discount days for even more savings. They even sell fresh bread but honestly, the prices are fairly close to regular grocery store prices.

Bakery Outlet Locations in Tucson

Holsum Bakery Outlet: 2801 S. 4th Ave, (520) 624-0514

Bimbo Bakery Outlet 3840 W Ina Rd, (520) 579-0482

Oroweat Entenmann’s Bakery Outlet: 7535 E Broadway Blvd, (520) 751-1207


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  1. No Name

    The telephone number you have listed for the Ina Road Orowheat Entemann’s Bakery Outlet is incorrect. It is 520-579-0482.


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