Garage Defender Shield Review

I was sent a Garage Defender to check out and review. All opinions and experiences are my own. Or rather my husband’s since he installed it. 😉

Garage Defender Shield Vertical

The Garage Defender is a home security product that keeps intruders out of your garage and possibly out of your house too. I tend to be less aware of schemes and scams when it comes to security, so I didn’t realize how easy it is to break into a garage with a coat hanger!! Basically pushing it through to grab the emergency release and pull it to open the garage door. If you have an attached garage and aren’t in a habit of locking that home access door, then the thieves now have access to your home as well. That’s scary!!

Garage Defender Shield Blocks Access to Garage

The Garage Defender is a simple but well designed product that blocks the thief’s access to the emergency release. Just as importantly, it still allows you access to the emergency release pull when accessed from inside the garage.

Garage Defender Shield Install

Installation took under 2 minutes and is on sale for under $30 right now! Learn more on the Garage Defender website, and by following their social media channels: YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Garage Defender Shield Installed


How do you keep your garage safe?


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