Target 70% off Christmas Clearance Finds


Target Christmas 70 Clearance 3

My favorite time of year for Target shopping right now! All Target stores should be 70% off Christmas clearance now. I thought I would share some of the fun stuff I found. Keep in mind that even if the signs say one thing, the discount could be deeper. In fact the first store I found 70% off was actually signed at 50% off, a total score for me!

Christmas 70 Christmas Clearance 2

Everything was 70% off except the gold fish or peppermint frosting. Although at this point (several days later) they should be 70% off now at all stores if you can still find them. The shirts and sweatshirts were super cute and perfect for next year. I also found one new book that will be perfect for our Christmas Book Advent calendar.

Target 70 Christmas Clearance

I found several practical things – my favorite part of the Christmas Clearance is the hidden (or not so hidden) deals on products we can use year-round. We can always use chapstick, kleenex and baby wipes!

Target’s Christmas clearance should go to 90% off in a few days, at least if there is anything left!

Did you find any awesome after Christmas clearance deals?

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