Target Halloween Clearance 90% Off!

My mom and I walked into Target this morning and found the Halloween clearance had gone 90% off. We lucked out, this store had several aisles of stuff left and the signs still said 50%!


All the Halloween costumes, and decor scanned at 90% off.


The candy and treats was 70% off and they had SOOOO much left. I actually walked out with just one bag of rolos. I figured I could use them to make a yummy dessert. I just sent a HUGE bag of candy to school today, so I couldn’t justify buying anymore.  I did pick up a couple boxes of Pirates Booty treat bags, pumpkin shaped pretzels, candy corn granola bars and chocolate goldfish crackers. Some we will keep at home and some will go to school for snack.

My Favorite Target Halloween Clearance Find


My favorite finds were definitely the cute Halloween t-shirts. Well mostly Halloween.. some weren’t at all. How cute is that Emmet shirt?? I picked up one for each of my guys.. only $1 each!! I also saw Despicable Me, Ninja Turtles, Olaf and Mickey!


I also picked up 4 costumes, 2 transformers shields, and ray guns at 90% for the boys. I’ll wrap them up in a big box for Christmas… they love dressing up as their favorite super heroes!

Did you snag any good Halloween clearance finds?

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