Easter Basket Ideas from the 99 Cents Only Store

There’s no need to spend a ton on Easter baskets, I found some great options at my local 99 Cents Only store.

99 Only Easter.jpg

I personally like to avoid candy in the Easter Basket if only because they will get more than enough during Easter egg hunts or from the grand parents. Do all grandparents go overboard with sweets?

99 Cents Only Egg Chalk.jpg

Chalk, bubbles and sand toys are great options at our house. They are things that usually need to be replaced each spring anyway.

99 Only Easter Bubbles.jpg

Some dollar stores like the 99 Cents Only store offer overstock values, items worth well over the one dollar price. I found these cute webkinz stuffed toys at my store. They would make a great addition to any easter basket.

99 Cents Only Webkinz.jpg

If you need a new Easter basket, you can usually find plenty of options. These cute plastic baskets would be great for organizing toys after Easter (I love dual purpose things)!

99 Cents Only Baskets.jpgAnd speaking of Easter deals… you can be sure I will be at Target this week stalking deals for Christmas… yup I said Christmas. Lots of the Easter Basket items work great as stocking stuffers too, and they will be discounted after Easter!


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