My Coke Rewards: 12 Days of Holiday Rewards

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 9.22.56 PMI collect My Coke Reward points all year but save most of them for their 12 days of Holidays promotion. It’s the best time to redeem for gift cards because the point values are lowered. Today was a little crazy with the website crashing all day long but in the end I managed to snag $25 Target gift cards for 600 points. For comparison purposes, they have a $25 Old Navy gift card for 1,750 points right now in their regular rewards… you can see why today’s Target gift card is a MUCH better deal!

Keep in mind, typically you are limited to one gift card type per account and the site can be very busy throughout this promotion especially around 12 noon EST when the next special gift card deal is released.  Check out the graphic above for a schedule of special rewards, Coke doesn’t release reward values or point redemption requirements ahead of time so it’s hard to plan. I jumped on the $25 Target gift cards since I know I use them…

After Christmas Clearance fun anyone?!? 😉


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